Falchoin bot and api. https://sh.cfbrk.de/fc
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Falchoin bot and api.


pip3 install git+ssh://git@cfbrk.de/code.mtib.dev/falchoin.git#egg=falchoin

Move into a working directory that falchoin is supposed to use and create a secrets.json file, then run falchoin.


  1. Check out the repo.
pip3 install -e .
  1. Create a feature branch.
  2. Do changes.
  3. Commit.
  4. Create a merge request.



docker build -t "falchoin:$TAG" .


You need to create a directory for falchoin to use for storing the database and a file in that directory for configuration. The following commands assume this directory is $PWD/secrets.

docker run -it -v $CONF_DIR:/app -p 7473:$OUT_PORT --rm falchoin:$TAG

Assuming you have a file “secrets.json” the form:

	"client_id": "[client_id]",
	"client_secret": "[discord-secret]",
	"client_token": "<discord-token>"

running the container will create a “fcoin.db” in your secrets folder. This allows persistence between runs.


All of this API is subject to change. The urls respond to GET requests and respond in json or plaintext.

Users can either be identified by their id, discord id or aliases. Note that users cannot currently be identified by aliases which contain a “#", “?” or “&".


Returns the current balance.


Returns json containing all transfers.


Returns json about a single user.


Returns json about all users.


Triggers a transfer. The key has to be the current valid key of the from-user. This will fail if any of the users cannot be found or the from-user has insufficient funds. This endpoint will very likely change soon. The key can be generated with the secret discord command, it will also automatically invalidate any old key.